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More Than A Planner

A Best Friend


My name is Sarah Reed-Andrews, but friends call me Reed!

My favorite show is "The Office" + as a hopeless romantic, my favorite love story is Jim + Pam's! 

Long before I created My Best Friend's Wedding, I got my first "Big Girl" job as a ballroom dance instructor. I loved teaching couples for their first dance + always wished I could see them on their Big Day. I continued to teach as I turned my focus onto weddings. From helping a bride find her dream wedding dress to sending her down the aisle, I completely fell head over heels for all things wedding.

To me, a best friend is someone who is always there for you! She welcomes you with an open heart + respect, giving you support + advice. She listens to your hopes over coffee + your woes over wine. A best friend not only knows your unique dreams, she shares them + she helps you achieve them.


These are the fundamental values of My Best Friend's Wedding!

I want to be nothing short of your best friend. I want to get to know your love story on a deeper level so that I may hear your dreams + help you make them a reality.  

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